March 7, 2021


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Bitcoin was the most profitable commodity of 2019 (Reuters)

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Bitcoin was the most profitable commodity of 2019 (Reuters)

Even 2019 confirmed that the long-term investment in Bitcoin is still paying off. If you invested in BTC 12 months ago, you are currently in a very nice plus. There was no better investment among the commodities where Bitcoin is mostly classified (although legislators are still not quite clear on this issue).

Bitcoin achieved a year-on-year increase of more than 90 percent, surpassing the increase value of Palladium (+ 57%), crude oil extracted in the US (38.8%) and nickel (+ 34.1%).

Bitcoin was the most profitable commodity of 2019 (Reuters)

The reason why many institutional investors are worried about investing in Bitcoin in 2019 was its relatively high volatility. Compared to 2018, however, it was slightly lower and Bitcoin reported losses or gains of less than one percent in 150 days of last year.

Other interesting Bitcoin statistics in 2019 highlighted the popular Twitter channel Skew:

  • Bitcoin achieved 95% growth
  • Maximum daily upward movement was 17.4%
  • Maximum daily downward movement was -14.1%
  • The average daily value movement was 2.4%

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