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Bitcoin´s roller coaster

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Bitcoin´s roller coaster

The cryptocurrency market recovered after a very convincing start of the week and Bitcoin returned over $ 5,000.


But around five in the morning yesterday, BTC started to fall and already reached $ 4,400 before lunch. The market is obviously testing where it can go. We started to grow just after twelve o’clock, when 40 million USDT tokens arrived on BitMEX. From where? From the Bitfinex wallet.



Bitcoin then came back within a few hours and at the moment we are pretty cool. But yesterday it was interesting. As you can see in the chart below, Bitcoin grew by nearly a thousand dollars in one hour, tested 6000 USD resistance and then returned to its original values.


Bitcoin´s roller coaster


There are really interesting things going on in the cryptocurrency market. I don’t how about you, but I’m definitely not bored. And I expect similar madness in the coming days. Therefore it is not worth having stoploss. Who wanted to sell, sold. Only true rock fans remained.

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