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Blockchain will be the base layer for the multiverse that will connect the different metaverses, says analyst

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Paradigm co-founder Fred Ehrsam highlighted that he believes blockhain technology will be the fundamental foundation of the multiverse and the connection point between the different metaverses.

Like Mark Zuckerberg, Ehrsam argues that the new virtual world being built by companies across the planet will be much larger and broader than individual applications.

According to him, the multiverse will be like the base layer of the internet. It will allow different companies to build their own platforms and applications on top of this single layer. Thus, it would enable users to access, enter and exit these different platforms.

In his vision, the blockchain would act as this base layer, allowing different companies to create metaverse platforms. Thus, users could leave one platform and take their avatars with them to other platforms.

“Obviously, a company cannot control the metaverse. Otherwise, she will take everything you have, change your identity or even delete you,” he said.

Blockchain will solve the metaverse

As Ehrsam pointed out, the blockchain could solve many of these problems. After all, if assets are in the blockchain, no operator can take them out. Likewise, if an identity is on the blockchain, users cannot be deleted.

“Perhaps most interesting is that, like BTC, the blockchain allows computers around the world to run on the world’s most powerful computing network — more than 500 Googles or 10,000 of the world’s fastest supercomputers run together. And the server? The world also runs in a decentralized way”, he said.

Therefore, he believes that the blockchain-based metauniverse model will be the successful business model for creating this new digital universe.

“I think that before doing the same thing in the ‘real world’, the blockchain will become a comprehensive pillar of the virtual world: currency, assets, identity and even governance systems,” he concluded.

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