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BMW will share its blockchain platform with other MOBI automakers: Launch this year

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BMW will share its blockchain platform with other MOBI automakers: Launch this year

The Bavarian automobile manufacturer BMW already tested its blockchain platform PartChain in 2019. According to a press release, it will soon be operational. It will serve to monitor the supply chain of parts as well as raw materials used for their production.


As part of the pilot program, they tested the supply chain solution for the headlamps, and now its use should be dramatically increased. For 2020, the first 10 vendors were selected to be the first to be involved. The automaker promises that PartChain

Enable secure data exchange and sharing in supply chains and anonymization across the industry.

This was stated by BMW AG board member Andreas Wendt, who also talked about involving a large number of other suppliers.


BMW cooperation with other companies using blockchain


German company is not alone. On the contrary, it states that other members of the Mobility Open Blockchain (MOBI) may benefit from its solution. This is the result of cooperation between BMW, GM, Ford and Renault and other technology and engineering companies such as Bosch, Hyperledger, IBM and IOTA.


These resonant names already made the MOBI Vehicle Identity Standard. This will allow the creation of a blockchain database for vehicle identification numbers and the creation of digital data certificates. These include vehicle identity, ownership, warranties, and current mileage.


Bavarian company will also use cloud technologies from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to track automotive components across complex supply chains that involve multiple international parties.

Wendt said:

PartChain enables the collection and transaction of data in our supply chain that are tamper-proof.

We want to share our PartChain approach with the initiative and encourage participating companies to join this initiative.

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