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Largest book publisher of the world announces entry into NFTs to reinvent the academic market

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Pearson Plc, one of the largest book publishers globally, has announced its entry into the world of NFTs, aiming to reinvent the academic market and maximize book sales through this new technology.

Pearson Plc CEO Andy Bird reported that works like “Essentials of Nursing” can be resold hundreds of times on the secondary market without the company making a profit.

For this reason, Bird said it was urgent for Pearson Plc to combat the resale of its works through technology. blockchain and the NFTs.

Benefits of NFTs

The use of NFTs for book launches will allow Pearson Plc to receive benefits for each of the sales made, exponentially increasing the company’s income from the sale of digital works.

In addition, Pearson Plc is looking at different ways to reduce the physical book market, where a title can cost more than $117, and make the same works available in the digital market, where online book subscriptions can cost up to 50% less.

Who is book publisher Pearson Plc?

Pearson Plc is a British publisher of educational services based in London, UK, considered one of the largest companies in this sector worldwide.

The company has around 20,000 employees committed to creating different learning experiences that significantly impact the life of each student.

During 2021, the company generated revenue of more than $4.2 trillion, thus enabling the acquisition of new technologies to improve the publishing house’s operations in the more than 200 countries where Pearson Plc is located.

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