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Brave Browser Starts to Support Solana dApps in Its Wallet

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Cryptocurrency-focused browser Brave announced on Tuesday that it has added support for decentralized applications (dApps) based on the Solana network in its version 1.41.

According to an announcement, the Brave Wallet integration with Solana offers more accessible paths to DeFi and Web 3.0. After all, it allows for faster transactions, lower fees, and a growing ecosystem of dApps.

“Our mission with Brave Wallet is much more than holding and trading cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to create the user’s first gateway to an easier-to-use Web 3.0 for anyone and any device. Brave version 1.41 carries this mission forward,” reads the announcement.

As highlighted by Brave, the new version introduces Solana dApps support for the Brave Wallet available for desktop.

Additionally, the release provides docs for developers to add Brave Wallet to their Solana dApps.

Support for Solana dApps in the Brave Wallet

According to the announcement, with Brave version 1.41, desktop wallet users can connect directly to their Solana-based dApps. This expands the wallet’s Solana support, which already includes the ability to send, receive, store and buy tokens.

“With Solana’s low fees and fast transaction speeds, users can easily explore the network’s vibrant and growing ecosystem. They can buy NFTs on Magic Eden, discover music on Audius, earn tokens through STEPN exercises, or even collaborate on projects with Squads (just to name a few).”

Additionally, the browser reported that fans of the native BAT token will have access to a special collection of BAT/Brave-themed NFTs. The collection is due to launch this month on Solana’s NFT marketplace, Magic Magic Eden. However, Brave did not provide more detailed data on NFTs.

“Brave Wallet already makes Web 3.0 easy to use with a number of features and partnerships, and today we are expanding that access through our integration with Solana and dApp support for our desktop browsers, with mobile devices coming soon,” he said. Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave.

Documents for developers

As mentioned, Brave also announced an easier way for developers to build dApps on Solana.

In the documents in question, users will find instructions on how to configure their dApps to offer a connection to the Brave wallet.

“Version 1.41 is another step towards opening up the decentralized web to more people. We continue to advance our vision of a multi-chain Brave Wallet, giving our community more choice and control with security and privacy at its core.”

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