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Brazilian startup launches platform that remunerates listeners and music artists with cryptocurrencies

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Muzi, a platform and music application developed 100% in blockchain, launches the first music-backed token in Brazil, the Muzicoin (MZC). With the new token, artists and music listeners will be able to earn cryptocurrencies as remuneration.

According to the Muzi team, the platform is geared towards a global music audience. In other words, Brazilian and foreign artists and listeners will be able to use it. In the Muzi app, all users can receive Muzicoin and use the coins within the platform to buy products and services.

At the same time, users will be able to accumulate MZC and wait for a possible appreciation of the asset in the market. By selling the tokens, users will be able to secure extra income through the sale.

“We are bringing a new way of listening to music to the market. Through Muzi, we unite entertainment technology and fun with the music market, in addition to uniting fans, idols and cryptoactives. Only at Muzi, users are paid for performing a fun task such as listening to music”, reveals Emmerich Ruysam, CEO of Muzi.

Music and gamification

More than a digital currency, the MZC innovates the music industry through Blockchain technology, entertainment and the incredible cryptoactive market.

In addition to rewards like MZC, it is possible to generate interactivity, engagement and organic growth for artists, celebrities and celebrities. Another possibility is that fans can receive rewards for participating in polls and voting within the platform.

To receive MZC tokens, the user must register with Muzi app. Every day Muzicoin sends a playlist that is their daily mission.

After the daily mission, all the music you listen to is monetized. Upon receiving the MZC, it will be possible to exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or sell them and obtain earnings.

Solution for artists

If, on the one hand, listeners can earn cryptocurrencies, Muzicoin also presents several solutions for artists. One of the solutions offered by Muzicoin is the registration of music on the Blockchain, protecting the musicians’ copyrights.

In this way, Muzi offers a fast, cheap and easy way to protect rights. However, this record is not restricted to songs and lyrics. With MZC, the artist can also register contracts with businessmen and record labels, bringing more transparency, security and credibility to the business.

In addition to MZC, Muzi is prepared to launch several tokens aimed at the music market. With that, the startup has more interaction options for users, and new opportunities for investors in a safe and efficient way.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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