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The British Museum is about to enter the NFT with Japanese artist Kacushika Hokusai

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The British Museum, in collaboration with LaCollection, is launching digital postcards with reproduced paintings by the famous Japanese artist Kacushika Hokusai, in an effort to transfer the artist’s work to the digital sphere.

Japanese artist Kacushika Hokusai is moving to digital form

The British Museum is entering the world of nonfungible tokens by trying to create digital postcards of the famous Japanese artist Kacuschika Hokusai through a partnership with the French startup LaCollection. There will be two hundred NFTs with works of art for sale.

The opening of Hokusai’s exhibition at the British Museum entitled The Great Big Picture Book Of Everything will contribute half of the NFT’s sales, while the rest will come from the museum’s own collection and the 103 hitherto unseen drawings discovered in the book. Among the famous works that will be sold as NFT are digital images of well-known works, such as Under the Waves at Kanagawa, Bright Day with a Southern Breeze or Ejiri in Suruga Province.

How will Hokusai’s NFTs be sold?

NFTs will be divided into the categories “unique”, “very rare”, “limited” and “common”. According to LaCollection CEO Jean-Sébastien Beaucamp, works in the regular category will sell for $ 500. All NFTs will be sold on the LaCollection website, some at a fixed price, some through an auction.

Accepted forms of payment are cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. There is also the possibility of reselling the NFT on the secondary market, for example on Opensea, for which the British Museum will receive 10% and LaCollection 3%.

LaCollection: Combining Art and Technology

According to LaCollection’s CEO, his company was born out of two passions, art and technology. He hopes that the NFT’s partnership with the British Museum will lead to the British Museum introducing new audiences who have never visited it so they can learn about its important art collection.

He also hopes that this effort will lead to the democratization of art and make it more accessible to younger international audiences. Licensing manager at the British Museum Craig Bendle agrees with Beaucamp’s feelings and says it’s important for the museum to adapt to new markets and find new ways to reach people who are hampered by traditional canals.


The artist Kacušika Hokusai is very well known and it is interesting to see that his works will be transformed into digital form.

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