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BTC best asset against inflation, now Bloomberg says so too

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Also Bloomeberg he gives up and admits, via one of his leading analysts, that in fact BTC is the best possible asset against inflation, in a period where this has reappeared in a very overbearing way on the economies of the whole world, causing fear also for the growth after COVID crisis.

For those who want to protect themselves and are animated by (rational) fear of inflation, BTC in the opinion of the important financial information group, it would represent one of the best assets available on the market.

Inflation on the rise? BTC is the salvation according to Bloomberg

Actually, in the last few days there are several analysts, also from the classic finance, who have finally recognized a BTC this role of digital gold, the price of which would have already risen by virtue of the inflation that is hitting the markets.

Just a few days ago Goldman Sachs had said the same, making public what he already had declared through purchases of BTC and openness to this sector. Now it adds up Bloomberg, which in addition to being the most important information hub in the world when it comes to finance, also publishes periodically much appreciated analyzes and followed by market operators.

But the analysts Bjorn van Roye And Tim Orlik, which belong to the Bloomberg financial information group, wanted to deepen their analysis, pointing out that even the half of the price increase of BTC should be traced to these movements of hedging from inflation.

Our model shows that, for BTC, the importance of inflation and its use as a hedge against uncertainty has become a bullish push on the price for around 50% in the last cycle. For 2017, on the other hand, it pushed for about 20%.

An analysis to be evaluated, over time, as regards the percentages, but which in any case offers a great insight into our opinion concrete of the effective strength of BTC in a context of this type.

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