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BTC enters the final phase of the bull market, then comes a tough correction

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BTC has been able to significantly approach the historical maximum of USD 64,900 in recent days. However, the question remains as to how long it will take bull market. Can BTC achieve and immediately maintain ATH?

Is BTC entering the finals?

At the time of writing, the price is per pair BTC / USD ranged at $ 62,820. Can it climb a few thousand and reach a new historical maximum? According to the cryptanalyst and trader Alessio Rastani, BTC enters the final phase of the bull cycle and in the coming months will cross the border with its movement $ 100,000.

If you are trading, you will definitely know the method Elliot waves. Alessio Rastani also works with this theory. Elliot wave theory divides upward price trends into five main waves. According to Rastani, BTC has reached the final stage of bullrun, which started in 2019. At the beginning of 2022, we should witness the peak.

“When this five-wave movement ends, then I expect a bear market.”

Elliot wave theory

Elliot wave theory. Source:

Rastani’s knowledge refers to research conducted by an expert in behavioral finance, Jason Goepfert. According to him, the next BTC bear cycle will be very similar to the surrounding market and we expect it in the coming years. 

“When there is an appetite for risk, both markets go up. However, when the appetite is low, both markets go down. “

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