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BTC in New York as Legal Currency – Eric Adams’ plan

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Thanks to a recent interview, it is appropriate to return to the figure of for a few minutes Eric Adams, newly elected mayor of New York City, notoriously – at least for readers of – enthusiast BTC.

As we had already told a few days ago – Adams will receive his BTC salary, at least for the first 3 months. And Adams himself said several times in the election campaign that he wanted to make it New York a world center for cryptocurrencies. Ambitious program, which is now beginning to take shape with extremely interesting programmatic statements.

Eric Adams’ Recipe for BTC: Schools and Payments in New York

The program of Eric Adams for BTC in the city of which he is mayor it would seem to be much more complex than the simple acceptance of $ BTC as a currency for your salary.

During the election campaign he had already announced very detailed plans to make it happen New York world center of cryptocurrencies, taking advantage of the already very important financial infrastructure of the city, which hosts the two main exchanges on the planet.

But there is more, because the mayor of New York he added, during an interview with US TV, two new possible goals, which will go beyond his own personal choices, that is the possibility of teaching children and young people the theme of blockchain in the schools of the city and – apparently at a later date – the possibility of encouraging the shopkeepers of the city to accept BTC.

We need this: to open our schools to the teaching of technology, and this new way of thinking. [Per quanto riguarda i pagamenti in città, NDR] we will consider this and proceed with caution. We will, but in the right way.

A New York which therefore could follow the example of El Salvador and become a safe haven for those who want to spend theirs in absolute freedom BTC, which would become, if this were to be the process completed, de facto legal tender currency, at least a NYC.

Miami and New York, but also Washington

We have already spoken several times about this new one BTC wave which is literally overwhelming the political world of United States, just as the administration Biden is desperately trying to check the phenomenon.

Not only New York, but also You love me, with the mayor Suarez who has long been more than exposed to the world of cryptocurrencies and who already accepts his own salary in BTC. Recently the Mayor of Tampa Bay, which will also be paid in $ BTC.

Also to Washington there is someone who is trying to push in this direction. The senator Ted Cruz it is in fact trying to pass a motion that will force traders to US Congress to accept BTC – which would also affect i vending machines of the most important building in politics USA.

Yes, it’s news Bullish – because no one, even just a few months ago, would have ever imagined BTC at these levels of popularity – and no one would have imagined it on the lips of all the main local politicians of the USA, at least in these so uplifting tones.

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