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BTC is growing but almost half of the population still does not have access to it

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Bitcoin for people
BTC. Source: Shutterstock, metamorworks

Have you ever wondered how the world would change, if BTC were the only currency in the world and each of us owned the same share? We probably can’t define the answer to this question exactly. BTC is still the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and its popularity is constantly growing. However, in terms of population awareness, it seems that we are still only at the beginning.

BTC is just the beginning?

Current statistics show that something has been mined to date 18 million BTC owned by the strongest players in the market. It follows that the general population is only about left 2.2 million BTC. But where is the problem? In awareness, which is minimal. If we compare the percentage of people who know everything about Bitcoin with the percentage of people who have not heard of it, the difference is huge.

If you capture the information that the last BTC will not be mined by the nearest 100 years, so know that it will be harder and harder to get to him. But what would happen if the BTC were redistributed to every person on the planet with an equal share?

BTC for everyone

Since the total amount of BTC will be 21 million and the current population has about 7.8 billion people, each of us would receive 0.0027 BTC. Of course, we cannot take into account all lost BTC due to forgotten passwords and the like. It is estimated that approximately 20% of BTC is lost forever.

Cryptocurrencies as such also arose due to the great inequality of mankind. It still persists in the human population. However, it is up to each of us how we can use the incredible amount of information and resources that the world offers us. Recent statistics show that there are approximately 4.66 billion people who have internet access and can buy BTC. But what about the rest?

So if there are still more than half of the people who do not have the Internet or even a smartphone, then the chances of BTC’s access to the whole world are slim.

Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA). Which one will win.

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