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BTC is more than a hedge against inflation

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George Soros owns Bitcoin
George Soros. Source: Shutterstock, Alexandros Michailidis

It seems that a popular personality from the world of finance, and especially a frequent target of conspirators, George Soros, again leans more strongly towards the cryptocurrencies. The CFO commented on the situation Dawn Fitzpatrick, which BTC already perceives completely differently than in the past.

BTC as protection against inflation?

Dawn Fitzpatrick works as the company’s CFO Soros Fund Management. Looking back, her statements were not entirely in favor of cryptocurrencies. Now, however, the situation is completely different and BTC already sees it as more than just a means of combating inflation.

“I’m not sure if BTC is seen as just a hedge against inflation. I think it finally crossed the gap and got into the mainstream. However, the coins themselves are much less interesting than cases of using DeFi projects. ”

Dawn Fitzpatrick | Barclays
Dawn Fitzpatrick

It is no longer a secret that Soros Fund Management owns cryptocurrencies. For the world of cryptocurrencies, this is of course positive news when the trader like George Soros not only is he interested in cryptocurrencies, but also their own.

Is Soros’s company investing in DeFi?

In her statement, Fitzpatrick indicated that BTC is not the only asset they are interested in. The boom over NFT, DeFi and smart contracts is simply too strong and it will not escape anyone’s attention.

DeFi is in the viewfinder more than 80% of big players, whose funds flow into these protocols. The Soros Foundation will probably also choose in this direction.

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