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BTC SV DevCon 2021 worldwide event happening on May 15-16

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It’s been a busy year for BTC SV. With the developer ecosystem bigger than it has ever been, and interest building in the platform across the wider world among developers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders, there’s never been a better time to start building on BTC. This year’s BTC SV DevCon is right around the corner, providing an excellent opportunity for developers to gain a deeper insight into the technology.

The online-only event takes place over the weekend of May 15-16. The two-day virtual webinar event brings together some of the brightest minds in blockchain, providing an unrivalled insight into the technical and practical issues involved in developing for BSV.

The DevCon is hosted by BTC Association, who have teamed up with WeAreDevelopers and nChain for this year’s event. The session aims to build on the progress of last year, which saw leading speakers such as Dr. Craig Wright gracing the stage.

Over 10,000 delegates from over 80 countries joined in last July’s inaugural event, tuning in to hear from the likes of Tokenized CEO James Belding, Xiaohui Liu of sCrypt, Ryan X. Charles, and Brendan Lee of Elas Digital.

BTC Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said last year’s event had set the standard for the 2021 DevCon to follow.

“Last year’s events demonstrated the great interest from all corners of the globe in learning how to develop enterprise-grade blockchain applications—interest that we expect to build on with this year’s editions—as we help more developers to understand the power of the only blockchain with the ability to scale unbounded and provide a truly open platform for innovation and development, BTC SV.”

nChain CTO Steve Shadders said the 2021 was expected to be bigger and better than before, with more opportunities opening up for everyone in the blockchain space.

“As we see more and more professional opportunities opening up for developers in the blockchain space—including quickly growing demand for BTC engineers—I expect an even bigger and better event this time around.”

Registration for the event is free—save your spot here.

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