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BTC whales woke up again

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BTC whales woke up again
source: Takoyaki Tech

After a long time, BTC recorded a large influx of new investors again. The price rocketed by 10% in one morning. It can be sudden increase in interest from whales, or even big market players.

BTC starts another bullish ride

Retail cannot create such a big movement in one day. It’s usually about buying a big player, or the fund that entered the market.

Bitcoin up 10%



The fact that there is something else in the market and the sentiment has changed is also indicated by the well-known indicator, which identifies large market players and new potential purchases. Lex Moskovski pointed this out on Twitter.

Transfers on BTC wallets could indicate a price increase and Bitcoin. We can talk about the largest shift in history, which took place in the BTC network. Something similar happened during the May slump, when it started local bear market. So can this move indicate the beginning / continuation of a growing BTC trend? Certainly it can, especially now that after the growth, retail will start to catch on the wave of growth and buy on the basis of positive news about Bitcoin.

This is where the greatest opportunities lie

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