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Cardano and Artificial Intelligence (AI): From Sophie to Grace

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During the long-awaited Cardano Summit 2021, which culminated on Sunday, the teams behind this cryptocurrency introduced a number of interesting news. However, they probably left the most interesting until the very end.

The Cardano Summit 2021 was a major event that took place in parallel in different parts of the world. The companies Input Output, Cardano Foundation and Emurgo published several news.


In short, however, it is mainly a collaboration with the Oracle blockchain ChainLink, Fortune 500 company DISH or Veritree, which should help Cardano blockchain with transparent tree planting around the world. They were also interested in partnerships with the gaming company Rival or the company UBX, which specializes in the financial sector and Defi.

Best in the end?

However, as the icing on the cake, Charles Hoskinson et al. presentation of the intelligent robot Grace, which will use Cardano as an information network for processing cognitive functions.

Grace is a robot using artificial intelligence (AI) built by companies Hanson Robotics a SinglularityNET. It is accumulated so that he can provide auxiliary health care, while in addition to English, he also speaks Korean. It must be added to this robot that it is a kind of successor Sofia, a robot from the same company Hanson Robotics, who acquired citizenship in Saudi Arabia and a few years ago was the center of perhaps all the world’s media. In addition, it is of course necessary to mention the main author of the whole project David Hanson, who sees great potential in connecting AI with blockchain and has a significant share in the fact that the SignularityNET project recently voted that, in addition to ETH, it also wants to use Cardano blockchain.

The AI ​​robot Grace can monitor people’s reactions and mirror them, which helps not only to detect various diagnoses, but also to respond empathetically to their needs. Input Output claims that by interacting with the Cardano blockchain, Grace gets the highest level of functionality in terms of speed, security and low-cost biological data processing.

SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertz said the importance of physical and suffocating health was often overlooked before the coronavirus pandemic. Artificial intelligence technology can help prevent this from happening in the future.

“Solutions like Grace are very important. They help fight loneliness and reduce the burden on front-line workers (when fighting a covid and the like). Thanks to Cardano’s cutting-edge capabilities, (Grace) will be able to scale to fulfill this vision. “

Robot Grace is not yet at a stage where it would be able to replace the healthcare workforce. In the coming years, it is expected that its functions will be extended by more critical functionalities and will be ready for sharp deployment, for example in homes for the elderly.

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