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Cardano and DISH Network – a partnership that can decentralize the telecommunications industry

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The Cardano network will grow
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If you are a fan of the Cardano network, you must have noticed that a major summit took place this weekend, at which various interesting collaborations were announced, which open up new possibilities for cryptocurrencies. One of these collaborations is partnership Cardano with DISH Network.

Cardano and Dish Network

The announcement of this important cooperation was made by the founder Cardano Charles Hoskinson. DISH Network is an American company that provides satellite television and has a really rich history.

The main goal is to introduce blockchain technology into telecommunication services. This process can significantly help the adoption of Cardano technology.

Hoskinson is personally involved in this project. At the weekend summit, he said that they wanted to create a network in which people would simply move from one space to another, while the basic business infrastructure would remain intact.

“This process can take place on a global scale. So it’s really exciting. We can’t wait to see how it all develops,” said Hoskinson, who hopes that this model will absolutely change the entire telecommunications industry.

If this plan is fulfilled, people will have a network connection on the blockchain Cardano without any influence from centralized corporations.

DISH is a really strong partner. It has more than 19 mil. customers. It is one of the first companies to receive cryptocurrency payments and is also on the prestigious Fortune 500 list.

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