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Cardano: important news, Charles Hoskinson optimistic for 2022

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After a relative hiatus, also due to more pressing issues for the protocol on African soil, Charles Hoskinson back to talk about Cardano, citing one roadmap for 2022 which, at least in his opinion, would have left him completely satisfied.

All this in a week of relative strength for ADA, which fetches something on the market and offers a major show of strength in one week instead complicated for the rest of the sector.

Hoskinson’s announcement: big roadmap for 222

The project leader Cardano has never spared enthusiasm for the evolution of his project, in a 2021 already very important in terms of updates and that has seen the protocol finally add smart contract – albeit in an implementation Sui generis.

A statement that met with the usual resistance from the noisy opponents of the project, which they accused once again Charles Hoskinson to be excessively empty in his declarations, without them being followed, again according to the detractors, by concrete news.

Cardano moves, but in its own time

Rivers of ink have already spilled over this issue, albeit digital, and it should be closed once and for all. The fact that Cardano follow its own development model – and not in parallel with other “similar” projects, it should not be a source of concern for anyone.

The project, although with its style and its motivations, has always arrived at its destination and delays cannot be a reason for attack, otherwise we would have very few cryptocurrencies that would come out unscathed from the enemy’s fire. We will stay tuned to these news for the 2022, which will certainly be better defined when they become more concrete. For now, despite the loss of third place at the hands of Binance Coin And Solana, the project of Cardano remains one of the most popular with investors, with a market capitalization exceeding $ 68 billion.

If Hoskinson is talking about magic and illusion, it must be on levels that no one has ever seen before. And the recent interest of Tony Edwards, on which we will be able to return in a few days, when it will be more concrete, could act as a driving force for a recovery by the protocol towards those who beat it on the market in recent weeks. A few months ago very few would have imagined Cardano to $ 2 – complaining today of a certain static price does not make sense, at least in our opinion.

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