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Cardano is preparing another massive upgrade

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Cardano ecosystem
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Cardano is undoubtedly one of the most popular ecosystems. Continuous upgrades around the world have significantly helped the native ADA token to achieve such a massive profit at the level of 1,500%. What can we expect from this network in the near future? He spoke Charles Hoskinson.

Cardano and plans for the future

IOHK boss Charles Hoskinson this time joined his fans from the African continent, specifically from Ethiopia. He was the first to reach a significant bridge ERC-20, which was officially launched on September 12.

This update is critical as users will be able to take advantage of ETH-based tokens with the benefits of Cardano’s transaction capacity. The first such token is SingularityNET.

“The general framework for the long-term goal is automation and bridging so that you can easily switch between assets, package them, and so on,” Hoskinson said.

Another important planned update is Plutus Application Backend (PAB). The launch date is scheduled for November. It is basically a service for managing and processing requests from an application instance during its lifecycle.

Hydra upgrade

Hydra is one of the network’s most interesting projects.

“A lot of work is being done on it. We will continue to work and add resources to Hydra to be as fast as possible in parallelizing the workflow. This project currently has the highest business priority. Hydra will be able to facilitate a large part of the transaction operation. Cardano will be extremely burdened by the influx of new applications. That is why Hydra is essential for the overall functioning of the network. “

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