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Cardano launches new P2P testnet to enhance decentralization

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As part of ongoing updates towards full decentralization, blockchain Cardano has launched a new P2P test network.

P2P testnet on Cardan to strengthen decentralization

IN blog, Cardano’s chief developer, Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), noted that the new testnet is working with a small group of pool operators to test its functionality.

The company announced that it has about 3000 stakeholders, which are managed by operators operating distributed nodes, who in turn keep the network running. Staking pool operators configure their nodes to directly interact with each other in anticipation of full integration.

Nodes require reliable communication with each other, which has affected the functionality of P2P. Work on decentralization has led to the creation of the Ouruboros algorithm, which is now used on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardana’s developers said that P2P functionality is still being tested and will be fully integrated into the network. P2P options will later be integrated into the main Cardano network.

In addition, the IOHK added that the current communication system between the nodes on the Cardano blockchain depends on files that essentially describe the static network configuration.

Direct communication between P2P nodes simplifies the exchange of data between thousands of distributed nodes that will support the network without relying on aggregated repeaters. This will be done using automated P2P networking components.

Automating the peer-to-peer node selection process brings us closer to a fully decentralized network and simplifies the process of starting nodes forming blocks.

The Cardano network has grown rapidly in recent months, with smart contracts being an important recent addition.

As of December 8, the number of smart contracts based on the Cardano Plutus platform reached 888.

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