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Cardano network overtook Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of the number of transactions

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According to the analytical company Messari, Cardano is in the transaction activity ahead of Bitcoin and Ethereum and is in the first place in this indicator.

Cardano recorded a higher volume of transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum

In terms of transaction volume, Cardano reached $ 17.56 billion, while BTC and ETH recorded 24-hour volumes of $ 10.55 billion and $ 5.77 billion, respectively.

The Cardano network overtook Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of the number of transactions

Cardano users also paid a lower fees of just $ 51,985 (last 24 hours) compared to $ 0.51 million and $ 19.39 million for BTC and ETH.

While Cardano is considered by critics to be a “ghost network,” it boasts several decentralized applications (dApps) that run on its blockchain. The number of wallets with an ADA token recently exceeded three million.

DEX on Cardano, SundaeSwap, has reached more than 75 million ADA trading volumes in just three weeks on the market, so the blockchain project is definitely making progress.

The parent company IOHK announced an update to increase the memory unit limit per block for the Plutus script on the Cardano mainnet. Today, February 14, Plutus memory limit per block has been increased from 50 million to 56 million, all as part of a series of planned adjustments and improvements aimed at cardano scaling.

Plutus is a Cardano smart contract platform that allows scripted programs to interact with the blockchain.

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