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Cardano offers promising projects – what are they and what is the future of this cryptocurrency?

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Cardano has a promising future

Cardano, the third generation of blockchain, was developed to overtake BTC or ETH. The ADA is considered the most progressive blockchain and is called the “killer” of Ethereum.

ETH led the DeFi wave for a long time. Being the first to introduce smart contracts, ETH has the most experience with DeFi. However, due to scalability issues, some developers are slowly looking for another way, and with the launch of “Alonzo”, the ADA is ready to “attack” ETH and become a suitable candidate.

Cardano and his NFT

Hype with NFT has come to the attention of many investors and companies over the last year. Cardano’s non-fungible token (CNFT) can unify and improve the overall ecosystem of Cardano, which it can be proud of, as it is considered one of the most ecological cryptocurrencies. The platform was launched before the update of the Alonzo hard fork, when it was not yet possible to trade using smart contracts.


SundaeSwap is decentralized exchange on blockchain Cardano and has long been one of the most sought after projects. Efficient and environmentally friendly third party cryptocurrency transactions will be offered. The platform will also enable peer-to-peer transactions for crypto assets with a user-friendly system. Users can trade, store or even borrow assets on this platform.


Ardana is a stable coin that works on Cardano blockchain. It will be possible to mine Ardana, send it to other participants, borrow it or even keep it (staking).

Cardano – what is the future of this project?

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain that has been updated thanks to its Alonzo slowly approaching to threaten Etherea’s position. At present, ADA is in the 3rd to 5th place according to the market capitalization, and after the launch of Alonzo it has already reached the price $ 3.

Launch of smart contracts and so-called dApps may lead to further increases in the price of the ADA token, with some even preparing for as much as $ 5. It is quite possible that next year Cardano will become a DeFi center with leading NFTs, but also stable coins or decentralized exchange.

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