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Charles Hoskinson criticizes the IMF – according to him cryptocurrencies will stop hyperinflation.

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Charles Hoskinson criticizes the IMF
Charles Hoskinson. Source: Google

Are You a fan of cryptocurrencies and your favorite is the Cardano ecosystem? Network co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, recently commented on the situation that is appearing more and more in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Charles Hoskinson criticizes the IMF

CEO of the IOHK and one of the founders Cardano Foundation, Charles Hoskinson, commented on the International Monetary Fund’s warning on his Twitter account IMF. According to them, the ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies is a major threat financial stability of developing countries.

However, if we look at the long-term trend and the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world, I think that the IMF recommendation will go unnoticed. It started with El Salvador, other countries in Latin America are taking the floor, and this will probably not be the last step. According to the latest information from ChainLink, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is beginning to wake up in countries where where digital currencies are prohibited. These are India, Pakistan and Vietnam.

The people of these countries are simply tired of the inefficient and outdated banking system that has ruined their national currencies and driven them to hyperinflation.

Charles Hoskinson he sees the situation completely differently. In his view, the adoption of cryptocurrencies will save countries from hyperinflation and highly centralized institutions, which are currently under the firm hand of the IMF and central banks.

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