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China launches first economic district in the metaverse and already has 5 companies

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The Chinese company BlueFocus inaugurated, this Wednesday, March 30, its space called Blue Universe Cyber ​​​​Commercial District within the Baidu Xiyang metaverse, of the Chinese giant Baidu.

Thus, with the launch, space in the digital environment became the first economic district in the metaverse.

Recently, Baidu Xirong also ushered in a version update that in addition to supporting standard scenarios for large-scale conferences, also provides a SaaS-based live streaming platform, as well as a series of optimizations in terms of experience effects and hardware devices.

Thus, the Blue Universe Cyber ​​​​Commercial District is located in the central area where Baidu users start in the metaverse and it is also one of the largest single buildings in the open area of ​​Xiyong.

Therefore, as the “#1 space” for marketing in the metaverse, the company stated, it will provide a full range of high-quality creative strategies, production and execution of various integrated marketing methods, including virtual people, virtual conferences, virtual broadcasts. live, and virtual products.

Blue Universe Cyber ​​Commercial District

So the building, which earned the nickname “Blue Box”, is a building that the company classified as ‘organic’

“It’s where many brands nurture ‘seeds’ in the Metaverse and absorb Metaverse nutrients to grow,” he said.

Thus, inside the Blue Universe building there is a cyberpunk shopping block full of science fiction, where consumers can not only browse the main fashion products of national and foreign brands, but also experience various interactions.

So this is also the first immersive commercial aggregation marketing space in the metaverse.

Blue Universe attracted market attention before going online and five brands are already installed in the company’s building: Anta, Jinmao Hotel, Dongfeng Peugeot, Good Brewers Si Shi Jiu Fang and Heha Bee.

China launches first economic district in the metaverse and already has 5 companies

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