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Chinese ban is said to be a good thing| Wright did not relocate a million BTC

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Chinese ban is said to be a good thing

Interesting views on the situation in China regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies were expressed by CEO of cryptoproject Vechain (VET) Sunny Lu. He said in an interview with Nugget News s News that banning crypto currency trading in China is actually a good thing, because it eliminates the negative impact on the 1.3 billion people if they trade and invest in poor quality cryptoprojects or various “scams”. Lu believes that China plays an important role in cryptocurrency, and in October 2019 Chinese President Jinping Xi’s statement that the country is moving towards the introduction of a blockchain into the national economy is considered the most important fundamental report of the cryptocurrency last year. Similarly, Facebook’s interest in this sector and the open arms of a cryptobank from states like Malta and San Marino are no match. Sunny Lu also said that China’s government interest in blockchain was a great impetus for VeChain, which is trying to compete with Ethereum and address its shortcomings. (

Wright did not relocate a million BTC

At a time when solves the price of Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency, which speculated that the controversial self-proclaimed “Satoshi Nakamoto” Craig Wright had accessed the access keys to a million Bitcoins (Wright has not yet done so), was on twitter a fraudulent tweet that Wright transferred BTC 1,000,000 to his wallet on Huobi. It was not true, but a similar transaction highlighted how cheap it can be to transfer huge money using Bitcoin.

The author of this “tweet” was an account called Whale Alert, with the same name as the account, which is generally considered an excellent source of alerts for large transactions in the bitcoin blockchain. A fake tweet spread through this social network at lightning speed.

Yesterday was just a transaction of BTC 123,447, which was about $ 1,097,343,500, which was executed by Bitfinex. They paid only 48 cents for it, which was another great demonstration of how cheap bitcoin transactions can be.
To illustrate, try to imagine how much it would cost you to convert the same value between two banks or in the form of gold.

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