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Cinedigm Partners With Theta Network to Launch Theta-Powered Channels

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Cinedigm Partners With Theta Network to Launch Theta-Powered Channels

Decentralized video delivery network Theta Labs has recently partnered up with American media and digital entertainment company Cinedigm. Cinedigm will be integrating with the native Theta peer-to-peer streaming technology, blockchain protocol and TFUEL (operational token of the Theta protocol) micropayments on its CONtv Anime channel page, which boasts a large collection of iconic anime titles and films, with genres ranging from cyberpunk to fantasy adventures

The integration allows Cinedigm to reduce their video delivery CDN (content distribution network) costs by 50% or more, and also encourage more user engagement, increase view times and monetization.

The users will get to benefit from this partnership too — by earning FUEL rewards for sharing video content utilizing their excess bandwidth and computing resources. Fans can earn as much as $10 – 15 per month just by watching the content of their liking on their browser, no download needed.

“We’re thrilled to integrate Theta network peer-to-peer streaming infrastructure to power our 24×7 live channels on, letting our user base experience the benefits of Theta decentralized streaming,” said Tony Huidor, Senior Vice President of Cinedigm. “We view this as a strategic long-term opportunity, a key differentiator in the industry and we believe it will contribute to sustained viewer growth and engagement in the premium OTT segment.”

The bygone era of traditional cable and satellite services are making way for over-the-top (OTT) media service, with Hulu and Netflix being the prime examples. The former subscribers of traditional cable and satellite services have moved on to look for low-cost alternatives and new options that meet their entertainment needs.

“We’re continuing to drive rapid adoption of our patented decentralized video streaming technology in the high-growth digital media and entertainment industry,” said Mitch Liu, the CEO and Co-founder of Theta Labs. “We welcome Cinedigm to the Theta family to further expand the Theta network reach to millions of consumers worldwide. This along with Theta’s Edge network of over 30,000 global nodes and validator partners including Google, Samsung and Sony will transform and shape the future of digital media.”

As OTT media service consumption becomes part of everyday life, the interest in premium content within the OTT ad-supported space is still going strong.

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