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City in the US pays 0.28 BTC bonus to anyone who wants to move, how to apply?

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A city in the state of Arkansas, in the United States, found a creative way to encourage immigration: give a bonus of US$ 10,000 to anyone who lives there. This value corresponds to about 0.28 according to the quotation this Thursday.

The city is called Northwest Arkansas and the bonus is being offered by the City Council. The bonus is part of the project Life Works Here which aims to attract qualified professionals to transform the region.

According to the city’s official website, the project will invest around $1 million, or 27 BTC, in attracting talent. The target audience includes any professional who can carry out their work remotely, but especially people in the technology area.

BTC and cycling

According to the Northwest Arkansas Council, payment for the scholarship is made in USD or BTC. The choice of cryptocurrency reflects the region’s focus on attracting blockchain companies, which already use BTC to remunerate their employees.

“Northwest Arkansas is experiencing explosive growth in the technology sector, specifically within blockchain-enabled technologies. This incentive encompasses the growing trend of employers using cryptocurrencies as a payment option.”

Although focused on blockchain, the city has not placed barriers in relation to the type of professional it wants to attract. With this, recent graduates, families, people looking for a career change, entrepreneurs and artists are welcome.

Along with the $10,000 incentive, those selected will also receive a free bicycle to use as a means of transport. In that sense, the city boasts 60km of roads and 518km of world-class mountain bike trails. In other words, plenty of space for cycling.

Requirements to apply

To compete for one of the vacancies and earn the bonus, it is necessary to sign up for the official site from Northwest Arkansas City Hall. The form is online and takes less than ten minutes to complete.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can apply. However, certain eligibility criteria are required:

  • be 24 years of age or older;
  • have at least two years of proven work experience;
  • have a full-time job, either as a self-employed or remote worker;
  • reside outside the state of Arkansas;
  • be able to move to Northwest Arkansas within six months of acceptance.

The project’s primary focus is to recruit US citizens, but foreigners may also qualify. In this case, the candidate needs to have the necessary credentials to legally work in the country. In other words, get a valid visa.

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