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CNN Brasil announces entry into the metaverse with wedding in Decentraland paid with crypto

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The metaverse has definitely landed in Brazil with large corporations adhering to the concept. One of them is CNN Brasil, which announced on Monday (17) that it is preparing to launch a project in the metaverse in the first half of 2022.

Leading the channel’s initiative is CNN presenter and tech expert Rita Wu, who will get married in the metaverse Decentraland in the second half of February.

“The idea is to make the whole wedding process fun to learn and propose different things. In addition, we have friends in various parts of the world. That way, we can gather everyone in the same environment and time,” says Rita.

Wedding in Decentraland

According to the announcement, the creation, development and execution of the virtual ceremony will be accompanied by CNN Brasil’s digital team.

The team will produce a webseries that will go behind the scenes of preparing for an event in the metaverse. In addition, it will cover marriage and the countless possibilities that virtual reality brings as innovations.

“With the pandemic, the virtual became more powerful and facilitated conversations so that people could interact in different ways. In addition, the metaverse is an environment to bring people together, almost without limits, facilitating the realization of the most diverse shows and social events”, says Rita.

As revealed by the technology specialist, the idea is for guests to have a unique, innovative and fun experience.

For the virtual ceremony, clothes from a stylist from the physical world are being ordered. And, naturally, all expenses will be paid with cryptocurrencies, which is how financial transactions happen in the metaverses.

Podcast in the metaverse

At the same time, CNN Soft, CNN’s content arm for information and entertainment, will produce a series in “metacast”, which are podcasts published in the virtual universe.

The CNN metacast will have eight episodes and will also be available on traditional audio platforms.

The objective is to explain, didactically, what the metaverse is and what perspectives the new technology will bring. At the same time, the metacast aims to reveal the impacts of technology on people’s everyday lives and businesses.

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