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Co-founder of ETH, Anthony Di Iorio planning to sever relations with crypto industry

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • ETH co-founder is deciding to sever all ties with the crypto industry.
  • Anthony Di Iorio has decided to abandon the crypto industry by selling Decentral.
  • Anthony Iorio has decided to build a philanthropic foundation the following year.

ETH has been on a roll recently with a huge number of Dapps and projects coming their way. The coming years can be quite good for ETH, while the development and transition to ETH 2.0 are currently in the process.

The co-founder of ETH, Anthony Di Iorio, is now serving his ties with the crypto industry. This is indeed a piece of shocking news from the co-founder who is moving on to newer things in life as he is selling his current ties with Decentral.

Anthony Di Iorio has decided to move on from crypto

Anthony Di Iorio claims that he will be moving on to subsequent projects and is planning to build a philanthropic foundation by 2022. Although the reason for this sudden decision was not revealed by the co-founder, he said that personal security confirms around 20 percent of his problems.

Anthony Di Iorio has confirmed that he wants to move on and solve newer and “bigger problems.” According to him, these problems will be solved using blockchain technology, and that he will be using the same blockchain tech that he used at ETH.

Anthony Di Iorio will fund his own venture

The ETH co-founder himself will fund the philanthropic ventures that Anthony Di Iorio will be moving on to. The money that the co-founder will earn from the sale of Decentral will amount to a “few million dollars,” and he will be using this amount for his next ventures.

He claims that he doesn’t want to remain a “crypto person” and that his main goal is to solve the world’s problems using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He has revealed that he has hired PR teams for the next project and that soon, a full-scale launch will be made.

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