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Co-host Altcoin Daily predicts that 6 altcoins will grow in 2022

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Altcoin daily co-host Austin Arnold has listed six kraktoaktiv, which he says should be seen as explosive growth this year. In the new video Arnold said on YouTube that the momentum generated in 2021 will be crucial for this altcoin in 2022.

Co-host Altcoin Dailу predicts a massive growth of 6 altcoins

His list of favorites began with a platform for a smart contracts Solana.

“Solana has been a huge success in the last 9-12 months. I assume that this dynamics will continue in 2022. “

In support of his words, Arnold cited several key factors that explain why Solana will continue to grow. It refers in particular to the success of the Phantom blockchain wallet, which already has over 10 million users.

Co-host Altcoin Daily suggests a native token of interoperable blockchain Polkadot in 2022 will also grow and the parachain auctions project will play a big role in this process.

“By the end of the first series of auctions, a $ 4 billion and $ 44.5 billion DOT token will be locked for nearly two years.

This will reduce potential selling pressure and supply in citculation. “

Arnold expects the development of blockchain Cardano in 2021 it will bring a big profit in 2022.

total dev daa

After talking about a level 2 scaling solution, Polygon and the expert predicted explosive growth MATIC in 2021 will lead to stronger growth in 2022.

I think there will be time to address Layer 2 in 2022. I am confident that MATIC will continue its development in 2022, Arnold said. For demonstrating the success of the project, he quoted a tweet from the co-founder of the Pole Mikhail Bzhelic:

Dear family @ 0xPologon, in 2021 we achieved a lot.

– 100 million + wallets;

– З000 + application users;

– 1 billion + transactions;

– 6 new solutions (SDK, Avail, Hermez, Nightfall, Miden, Zero);

– Best names WebЗ (Uniswap, Aave, OpenSea…);

– Big brand (D&G, NFL, Macu’s and others).

Happy New Year, let’s continue the magic!

Another altcoin chosen by the analyst is Chainlink (LINK). Its value should have gone up in 2022, even though in 2021 the price dynamics did not meet the expectations of many traders.

Arnold noticed that the LINK price had not recently reached new all-time highs, and noted that many of Chainlink’s other metrics are positive. Arnold expects that raising the  interoperability protocol and the so-called abstract layer for organizations will help the token grow in the future.

Finally, Arnold has high hopes for a decentralized financial altcoin Aave, whose team recently announced a plan to create a mobile wallet.

“With this set of goals for the first quarter of next year, Aave will gain traction, especially in terms of development based on ecosystems.”

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