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Coinbase tests a new subscription service, here’s how it will work

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Coinbase try to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency exchange. In fact, the test phase for a service is starting periodic subscription, which cancels the additional fees for transfers between cryptocurrencies and also offers immediate support for all kinds of issues.

A service that, in exchange for a monthly payment, would overcome all the problems that are most contested by power user when it comes to Coinbase, that is to say fee sometimes higher than average and a certain difficulty in getting in touch with technical support in a short time.

Those who want to test this new mode – not yet active for everyone – will still have to equip themselves with a free account on Coinbase – I realize that it costs nothing to open and that it still offers access to very interesting services.

Like the plan Earn, which allows you to earn free cryptocurrencies by watching videos and answering quizzes. At the same time we can also take advantage of the dex internal to get reduced commissions on fast exchanges between cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase’s new plan: here’s how it will work

The proposal of Coinbase it is actually revolutionary. The popular exchange aims to introduce a system a periodic subscription, with the periodic payment of a sum yet to be defined, which will guarantee access to different privileges with respect to basic users.

First of all, there will be a zeroing of the commissions that the exchange charges on transactions – which can be advantageous in particular for those who make a large number of moves between different crypto, even for small amounts of money. Secondly, we can also get a dedicated support, which will also be active during the weekend and which will guarantee, at least according to the provisions of these preliminary notes, very fast response times.

There will also be a dedicated service of insurance, which should cover up to 1 million dollars in the case of account takeover, fraudulently stolen funds and other types of attacks. A service that will be welcome for those who are afraid of leaving large quantities of BTC or other valuable cryptocurrency on the account.

How much will the service cost?

It is still unclear, given that no type of payment plan has been communicated by the company. If these were to be the prerequisites, everything suggests that there will be different levels of subscription, with a more or less high level of services.

A flexibility that would allow a Coinbase to maximize new subscribers and to offer many very interesting services, starting with the one that cuts down on the (sometimes actually expensive) commissions charged by the exchange.

All this in one phase 2 of the world of exchange, especially those that are already completely legitimate or – as in the case of Coinbase – even listed on the stock exchange.

It is not even known for the moment when this subscription service will be available to everyone. Everything suggests that a long testing phase will be required before it is even offered in Europe. Insurance, zero fees and direct support – something that can be found elsewhere, even if we will have to leave the world of exchange.

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