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CoinMarketCap co-work with Shiba Inu

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The official twitter account by Shiba Inu has posted an update on the recent incident at CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency ranking website is now working with the SHIB developers since it was last related to worm hole-Addresses came to problems. Previously, the Shiba Inu community had pointed out three fake smart contract addresses on CoinMarketCap. However, these were based on the three ETH competitors binance Smart Chain, Terra and Solana.

The Shiba Inu team then clarified that any non-ETH address is indeed invalid. SHIB is an ERC-20 token. Therefore, coins sent to addresses on other chains are lost forever. However, the CoinMarketCap platform initially argued that these were not malicious addresses. They would only serve to “improve the user experience”. It should also be said that Shiba Inu is extremely popular among large ether investors.

Shiba Inu raises safety concerns

In its statement, the Shiba Inu team appreciates the efforts regarding interoperability. But it also points to “fundamental limits” on the security level that would result from the integration of such foreign addresses. Echoing the concerns expressed by the community, the developers also criticized CoinMarketCap for making decisions about the token in a “centralized” manner. At the same time, however, they also retracted their accusations of spreading fake smart contract addresses.

Indeed, CoinMarketCap’s action raises doubts.

I don’t understand how CMC – a coin & token price tracking site – can interfere with a coin / token & how it operates. It’s like a retail store that sells a brand name & decides to change the color or the size of the merchant’s brand without the company knowing about it.

, writes a Twitter user named @MrBarre.

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