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CoinMarketCap comes with a significant collaboration

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CoinMarketCap with new collaboration
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If you are one of the fans of cryptocurrencies who follow the development, graphs and prices on a daily basis, then you certainly did not miss the portal CoinMarketCap.

CoinMarketCap with a new extension

The portal, which provides various information from the world of cryptocurrencies, is now working on a significant expansion in cooperation with a search engine Presearch. The collaboration will provide approximately 2.4 million Presearch users with instant insight and up-to-date cryptocurrency news, including prices, daily volumes, market capitalization, supply, and total circulation.

“The feature will be implemented immediately and will be available wherever users use Presearch.”

In addition to this cooperation, there is also a marketing campaign that includes a number of promotional events. Last analysis of portal traffic CoinMarketCap recorded for the month of August approximately 187 million visits. That’s a respectable number. The portal was certainly helped by the Binance exchange, which acquired it in April 2020.

Presearch as the future?

It is a decentralized search engine that was launched in 2020. The advantage of this search engine is that it provides its users with a token for use. FOR.

“We don’t think the timing for Presearch could be better given the growing resistance to technology titans like Google, Facebook and Amazon.”

The company has recently had significant success. Google has made Presearch the default browser for all new Android devices in the European market.

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