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CoinMarketCap Hacker Attack – 3.1 million email addresses leaked!

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CoinMarketCap portal
CoinMarketCap portal. Source: Shutterstock, Ira Lichi

You are registered on the popular portal CoinMarketCap? If so, be careful. In a hacker attack on this portal 3.1 million email addresses leaked.

Hacker attack on CoinMarketCap

This startling information was provided by the portal Have I Been Pwned, according to which a trading offer with 3.1 million e-mail addresses appeared on the hacker forum, which are linked to accounts on the portal CoinMarketCap.

The findings were also confirmed by representatives of CoinMarketCap, which is a subsidiary of the largest crypto exchange, Binance. The list of infected emails really belongs to the users of the portal.

“CoinMarketCap has learned that samples of data have appeared on the Internet to be listed as user accounts. Although we’ve only seen email addresses so far, we’ve found that they really belong to our customers. “

However, the portal subsequently calmed the situation. According to initial findings none of the contested accounts has been breached.

“We did not find any evidence of a data leak from our own servers. We are currently investigating this issue and will inform our customers as soon as we have new information, ”said a CoinMarketCap spokesman.

Therefore, if you are an active customer of this popular crypto portal, we recommend that you check your data and change your login password immediately after logging in.

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