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Companies announce several novelties in play to earn games and aimed at the metaverse

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Metaverse games and platforms are hot in the cryptocurrency market, even beating the hype earlier this year around non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Now, several games that pay their players for their interaction are announcing news in search of attracting more players.

Duelist King, for example, had tremendous success during its first sale of 50,000 NFT boxes. The sale took place on September 15th and was completed in 45 minutes due to strong demand.

Each box was valued at $5 and gave users an equal chance of getting rare cards. Duelist King NFTs have six levels of rarity, from “common” to “legendary”.

Now the team has announced the sale of the second batch of NFT boxes on December 15, 2021.

This time, it will only be 20,000 boxes, compared to 50,000 boxes on the first sale. The team will offer card sales in several rounds, each with its own design. There will be 25 card distribution stages, each with 20 unique designs.


Also, who is also with news is the metaverse Krown which released a collection of 3,010 limited edition NFTs.

Users who have Krown NFTs are called “Krowned users”. Meanwhile, users without an NFT are “non-owner users”. Krown’s NFTs serve as a club membership card throughout the metaverse.

In the game, those who obtain ownership of a Krown NFT will become members of the exclusive Krown Kingdom, a club for rare art collectors, like-minded cyberpunks and metaverse royalty.

The members of Krown will oversee the kingdom and preside over the “non-Krown” members, allowing them to see, but not touch, the glorious masterpiece of the kingdom.

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