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The first company will start practicing the treatment of mental disorders in the metaverse

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The British company AnomieXR plans to launch a platform for the treatment of mental disorders using virtual reality in the metaverse.

Treatment of mental disorders in metaverse

AnomieXR teamed up with six artists to form an NFT around positive and negative thinking. On March 11, the company holds an auction to sell nonfungible tokens in the AltspaceVR metaverse developed by Microsoft Corporation. Part of the proceeds from the sale of unique tokens will be donated to the opening of a center for the fight against mental illness in a metaverse.

AnomieXR management believes that virtual reality psychotherapy will be in high demand because many patients are afraid or ashamed to contact a doctor in real life. At the same time, traditional medical care over the telephone or the Internet proved to be ineffective, as 32% of patients experienced a worsening of their symptoms after a remote consultation.

Representatives of AnomieXR commented:

More than 5,000 studies show that virtual reality has an amazing ability to relieve pain, strengthen the nervous system and improve mental health.

It has such a strong effect that within 12 months after treatment, the person’s symptoms of mental illness are reduced and the level of stress hormones is reduced.

According to the World Health Organization, by 2020, mental disorders, especially depression, will become a major cause of morbidity and mortality. In this respect, innovative methods of treating mental illness are more relevant than ever.

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