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Comparison of 2013 and 2018 – how cryptocurrencies evolved over time

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Cryptocurrencies have been with us for 11 years, and over the years have provoked many dramas and controversies that have attracted the attention of the world. Cryptocurrencies began to spread abundantly in 2013 and popularity continues to rise. How did cryptocurrencies evolve from 2013 to 2018?


Cryptocurrencies over time

The first cryptocurrency in the world became Bitcoin in 2009, which over the years has led to the creation of many Altcoins. The world-famous Forbes magazine named 2013 the Year of Bitcoin, when the cryptocurrency won the hearts of many investors.

In May 26, 2013 were only 15 cryptocurrencies on the Coimarketcap website. At that time, total market capitalization was $ 1,548,982,054. Bitcoin bounced from $ 100 up to $ 1,200 during 2013.

Coinmarketcap 2013

The attached chart shows the cryptocurrencies and their market capitalization in mid-2013. Although in 2013, cryptocurrencies triggered much debate around the world, most of them already lost their position in the cryptocurrency market in 2018.


In September 2018, there were 1960 cryptocurrencies on the Coinmarketcap website with a total market capitalization of US $ 202,421,862,080. At that time, Bitcoin had value $ 6460.

coinmarketcap 2018

On the chart above from the year 2018 we can notice that in the first TOP 10 cryptocurrencies only Bitcoin and Litecoin remained. On the next chart, we can see the situation at the beginning of April this year, where the market capitalization shows the value of over 208 581 616 945 USD.

Comparison of 2013 and 2018 - how cryptocurrencies evolved over time



The situation in the cryptocurrency market is changing day by day and the number of cryptocurrencies is constantly increasing and falling. The list of the best has changed many times over the past few years, as has market capitalization. Only Bitcoin retains its dominant position.

It will be interesting to make a similar comparison after the current coronavirus crisis has subsided. There are analyzes that only “thanks” to the crisis will be a massive expansion of Bitcoin.

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