April 17, 2021


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Connecting All COVID Health Passports Worldwide For the First Time Ever

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GetChkd is bringing COVID test and vaccine information distribution to a whole new level — by introducing its next-gen blockchain platform that effectively connects all available COVID health passports, which gives the users more transparency and control over their personal data.

GetChkd stated that the platform is a solution to the critical global connectivity issue that came with the countless numbers of COVID health and vaccine data passports that kept popping up. With smart contracts making sure that the protocols in certain locations are met, GetChkd seamlessly integrates with all working applications, hardware, software and devices.

The platform also establishes direct connections to any data source, which ensures that the COVID credentials are guarded from fraud with strict privacy controls.

“There are many great and innovative companies working to solve the same COVID verification issue. This group includes IBM, Clear, CommonPass, Netcompany, Vaxtrac, Accredify and many others. The issue is none of the systems talk to each other. What works in one location or country doesn’t necessarily work in another. Our universal platform is the glue that connects all these passports together.” 


Michael Caplovitz, CEO of GetChkd

As far as one knows, no other companies have provided a solution that deals with this connectivity issue. 

With its interoperability with other platforms and the data transparency, people are able to access their health data and receive up-to-date information about COVID test/vaccine requirements wherever they go.

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