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Cooperation between Solana and Brave

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An exceptional wedding in the world of cryptocurrencies. The Brave browser, which as is known is directly linked to Basic Attention Token BAT will support the Decentralized apps from Solana.

Marriage this on the one hand could help SOL to launch into new practical cases of use and that on the other hand will allow a Brave to have a rapidly evolving service framework that, with due time, could really undermine the overwhelming power of ETH.

Solana’s Dapps on Brave – here’s how the deal will work

A big step forward for the world of Brave, as well as for that of Solana, which will find itself having its own Dapps accessible on what is the symbolic browser of the world of cryptocurrencies. Brave it is in fact the browser directly associated with Basic Attention Token, already integrated into browser advertising services – and used to pay i content creator. The integration, according to what was communicated, will be completed in 2022 and will also include the passage of Themis, the advertising network with privacy integrated in the design, on the network of Solana.

In reality Brave has already offered in the past and continues to offer access to Decentralized apps. It does so with those that run on the blockchain of ETH and also for those that run on the instead Smart Chain from Binance. The partnership with Solana it will be the third, an unequivocal sign of the rise of this latest protocol, which can now compete with the two most capitalized on the market.

Brave will add support for Solana for account creation, key management, transaction creation and support for Solana’s JSON RPC API.

This is the laconic comment of Brendan Eich, who is the CEO of the Brave browser, thus confirming the rumors of an agreement which actually started to circulate as early as yesterday.

What does this mean for Solana and BAT?

For Solana is the recognition of the enormous work carried out, with the network now recognized as the only one that could be able to counteract, at a certain level, the overwhelming power of ETH in the world of Dapps and decentralized finance.

As for BAT, it is a huge advertising operation, which will allow the token and its functionality to be better known also by newcomers to the market. Newcomers who often ignore the crucial importance of projects such as Brave for the future of crypto-world.

Excellent agreement, beneficial for both and which is already moving the markets of both cryptocurrency. Until? In our opinion the true effects will be seen a merger which occurred in 2022. The window of today therefore remains very interesting.

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