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Craig Wright doesn’t have $ 8 billion worth of Bitcoin private keys

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Craig Wright

The lawyer of controversial entrepreneur and scientist Craig Wright has confirmed for Decrypt that his client does not have $ 8 billion of Bitcoin private keys. These are Bitcoins, which were to be mined in the early period of the BTC and most likely directly by its founder Satoshim Nakamoto.

The rumor that Craig Wright had access to the private keys to these Bitcoins was the main trigger for the great growth in the value of Bitcoin SV’s cryptocurrency (more details). Wright himself promoted the spread of this rumor when he said on Tuesday that he had access to essential information to unlock the encrypted files with the thousands of bitcoin addresses he supposed to own.

This information was intentionally interpreted as having not only addresses but also private keys, which would support his long-standing claim that he is the mysterious creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, as Wright has no private keys, all speculation seems to have served only as a tool to trigger the massive growth in the value of Bitcoin SV, the lead player who claims to be true Bitcoin. Of course, it should be noted that Wright and the people who support his claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto own a significant portion of Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin SV was created on November 15, 2018 as the hardfork of the Bitcoin Cash crypto currency, which was created in May 2017 after the Bitcoin hardfork. Its price began to rise massively from Tuesday, but fell by almost 20% after Wright’s lawyer Andreas Rivera said.

For the sake of completeness, it should be added that Wright still states that he will get the private keys to the Bitcoins, which he claims in court in a dispute with his late colleague’s brother, Dave Kleiman. His family is suing Wright for falsifying documents and robbing Dave by half of the approximately 1,000,000 BTCs that they were supposed to get back together.

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