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Craig Wright wins $ 54 billion BTC litigation

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Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto or not? In any case, the self-proclaimed BTC inventor doesn’t have to pay a $ 54 billion fine.

The man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto is loud CNBC report won an important lawsuit in Miami. He was sued by the heir of a former Craig Wright business associate. Half of the 1.1 million BTC Satoshi mined and owned in the early days of the cryptocurrency was at stake. At the current rate, the BTC are worth around $ 54 billion. The estate of Craig Wright’s former business partner David Kleiman also claimed the rights to some of the intellectual property in early blockchain technology.

The trial was recently relocated to Miami because Wright and Kleiman founded their first joint company in Florida. The prosecution argued that Kleiman was a co-inventor of BTC alongside Wright. Hence, he would be entitled to half of Satoshi’s assumed fortune. The West Palm Beach jury saw it differently, however. They sided with Wright and refused to award any part of the BTC fortune to Kleiman.

Craig Wright sentenced to $ 100 million in damages

However, Wright has to pay $ 100 million in damages for intellectual property infringement. This happens in connection with W&K Info Defense Research LLC, the joint venture of the two men. However, the money will benefit this company and will not go to Kleiman’s estate. However, Craig Wright himself is reportedly okay with this. “This is a remarkably good result and I feel completely right and exonerated,” said Wright iin a video, which he made the rounds on Twitter immediately after the verdict.

Had Wright lost the lawsuit, he would have had to open the Satoshi wallet to pay the discount. However, Wright said he would prove his property even if he won the lawsuit. He also pledged to donate a large part of his BTC fortune to charity in case he wins the trial. Now it remains to be seen whether Wright actually keeps this promise.

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