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Cronos of is coming. Official beta mainnet and CRO bull run

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Finally here we are. The mainnet of Cronos, bound to CRO and to exchange of cryptocurrencies it is officially live, that is, online and working.

A passage that had already been announced for some time by the group which opens up to very interesting scenarios both for the exchange both for the relative token, that CRO which was already, during the whole last week, one of the best on the market.

Cronos arrives – what it means for the ecosystem linked to

The arrival of Cronos had been expected for months now, with a development map that has been fully respected by – this is also a sign of a force that goes beyond the purely economic one. With the beta mainnet online we can finally lay our eyes on the developments of this extraordinary project.

Which is guaranteed by the protocol IBC – which stands for Inter-Blockchain Communications, which will allow all blockchain enabled to communicate with each other and also to close transactions. For now the most important to be enabled is that of Cosmos.

That is for the virtual machine which belongs to ETH. This is also an extremely interesting step, because it will allow developers who are used to the network of ETH it’s at Solidity to be able to bring their own projects and their own smart contract right on this chain.

  • Cosmos SDK with IBC support

There SDK offer is that of Cosmos 0.44, as up-to-date as possible – and it pays off Cronos one of the most advanced blockchains for the sector of decentralized finance. It will be the goal of the developers of this network to continue to support the maximum possible updating of what is offered.

The ecosystem is growing rapidly

In addition to the most technologically relevant aspects, it is equally interesting to look at the large ecosystem that has already developed around this network. There are already more than 10 great validators, fished by the largest companies and the largest groups operating in the blockchain sector.

They will also be available as oracles is Chainlink, is Band Protocol, with the addition of Blink Oracle. The cross-chain bridges of Nerve and of AnySwap and in terms of wallet full compatibility with MetaMask and with DeFi Wallet, as well as for Nabox And Trust Wallet.

Also for the world of decentralized finance who will use Cronos will be able to rely on VVS, Tectonic, CRODEX, Crona Swap And Photon Swap, with the additional participation of Annex And Swapp Protocol.

The developments on the gaming side will be very interesting

The gaming on blockchain it has been confirmed as one of the most interesting aspects, both for those who invest and instead for those who simply want to exploit what is happening under the technological level.

Cronos points precisely in this direction, with Crocos, Gem Studio, Duelist King and also the Cronos Chimp Club. An already very interesting parterre for those who want to take part in the future of Web gaming3.

What does this mean for CRO?

CRO has always been linked to the world of and with the growth of its ecosystem and the number of users it has always capitalized on the market. coin, also looking forward to this very important arrival in live, has already grown at very high percentages over the past week.

We stay extremely bullish on CRO – that in the medium term could seriously aim to approach the enormous market value of other tokens linked to exchanges, as in the case of Binance Coin.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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