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New program of reward for the exchange, which just announced the launch of the feature Missions, which will combine a part playful with the possibility of earning CRO, cryptocurrency that is having an absolute moment bull run on the market for a few trading days now.

Rewards can be obtained simply by logging in on the platform and trading cryptocurrencies, for a program of loyalty rewards which is one of the richest ever offered not only by this one exchange, but from the totality of operators of the sector.’s Missions Program

We are facing a new program of rewards through Mission, a system that will allow you to participate in quest with salary in Diamonds, which we can then use to buy the Mystery Box that contain Coin CRO. All explained in detail in a video already published by the popular exchange.

The Mission must be activated directly from within the App of the intermediary and can be of different types. For example, the first will offer us gods Diamond (internal currency of the boxes) simply by accessing the internal platform Mission.

With i Diamonds, through the internal store, boxes can then be purchased, tracing a little what we see in many smartphone games. Over time, new ones will be added Mission, which will make it even more convenient to log into the App every day.

Is it worth opening a account just to access Mission and rewards?

Since the account of is always free – our advice is to still open an account to get these rewards. In fact, they are indirectly received CRO, cryptocurrency that continues to break all records and that is one of the most in shape at the end of the year. A simple and very low cost method for take home cryptocurrency for free – among other things of excellent quality – as had been correctly identified by our analysts even before bull run.

After all CRO is also present in our investment portfolio – further sign that our analyzes point very high on this cryptocurrency. Accumulating it now, also through this very interesting initiative, means putting something in your portfolio that, it is assumed, could continue to grow in value even in the medium and long term.

Free cryptocurrencies: only from recognized intermediaries

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies soaring, there are many who want to offer free cryptocurrencies as an advertising operation, often combining very complicated registration and advance payment systems. Our advice is to avoid trusting anyone and to turn only to known and recognizable intermediaries also for this type of operations.

Also Coinbase, via the program Earn, offers free cryptocurrencies – although not CRO. Another great alternative to earn a little something in minutes. However, nothing to do with the program Missions from – which is actually one of the richest ever seen in the cryptocurrency world.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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