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Crypto News of the Day (12.2.) | Bitcoin back over $ 10,000 • The ECB has declared cryptocurrencies as one of the biggest challenges • and more

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Crypto News of the Day (12.2.) | Bitcoin back over $ 10,000 • The ECB has declared cryptocurrencies as one of the biggest challenges • and more

Here you can find an overview of the most important crypto events in the last 24 hours.



All top cryptocurrencies are growing sharply today, Bitcoin is currently just under $ 10,300. While in early 2020 the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was $ 190 billion, in less than 45 days it increased by $ 110 billion, representing a profit of nearly 60%. Another important indicator is the dominance of BTC, which has now fallen to 62.7%. At the beginning of the year it was over 68.5%, which is a loss of about 6% in a few months. According to some analysts, this marks the onset of the so-called Altcoin season.


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Litecoin Foundation has acquired a strategic partner, Cred


The Litecoin Foundation today announced a “strategic partnership” with Cred, a licensed crypto loan company with more than $ 300 million in capital lending. Cred has provided Litecoin with its own earnings platform and promises up to 10 percent annual interest on the deposit. Funds can be withdrawn at any time and interest is paid monthly. The 10 percent value is based on the original deposit amount: if you deposit 100 LTC, even if that amount rises to $ 1,000 in six months, you still get only $ 10. But it works the other way too: If Litecoin drops to zero, you still get $ 10.


Tether implemented a KYC tool from Chainalysis


Tether added Chainalysis KYT compliance tool to track suspicious ‘real-time’ transactions. Chainalysis Know Your Transaction (KYT) software has been integrated into Tether for transaction monitoring. The tool will look for potentially criminal or otherwise illegal activity.


Hoskinson from Cardano is considering stablecoin


Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson wrote a tweet that indicates that the project might consider introducing DAI-like stablecoin in the future.



Egypt’s largest bank joins to RippleNet


The National Bank of Egypt (NBE), the country’s largest total asset bank, joined to RippleNet payment network , which work on Ripple blockchain.


The President of the ECB declared cryptocurrencies as one of the biggest challenges


ECB President Christine Lagarde has identified digital currencies as one of the major challenges facing the euro area economy. This was during the recent European Parliament plenary session. During his speech, Lagarde identified digitization and climate change as the biggest global phenomena currently affecting the ECB. It believes that they could potentially change the operating environment of central banks. Lagarde also mentioned a task that had already been commissioned in January to investigate data on the possible issuance of the Central Bank’s digital currency (CBDC).


EPayments had to freeze 1 million user accounts due to AML


EPayments Systems Ltd, a UK-approved electronic payment system, must suspend online payment transactions due to AML (Financial Conduct Authority) anti-money laundering procedures. EPayments posted a short statement on its website and sent emails to its customers to provide some details about FCA regulatory controls. This regulation frozen ePayments one million user accounts and prohibited the opening of new accounts.



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