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Crypto News of the Day (13.2.) | Payne: Millennials Love Bitcoin, Wall Street Will Also • Binance is running out of USDT for long trades • and more news

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Crypto News of the Day (13.2.) | Payne: Millennials Love Bitcoin, Wall Street Will Also • Binance is running out of USDT for long trades • and more news

Here you can find an overview of the most important events that took place during the last day in the cryptoworld.



Bitcoin is still above $ 10,000, but there has been a slight correction, the current price is just over $ 10,100. The mood in the markets is in the Greed area, which reflects the sharp boom of yesterday, but altcoins today are growing less, or are also in the correction.


You can monitor the current cryptocurrency prices – here.






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Payne: Millennials love Bitcoin, Wall Street will too


Bitcoin (BTC) grew by more than 50% this year, so the mainstream media is also changing its view. Charles Payne has recently said that even large Wall Street investors, not just technologically savvy millenniums, will end up loving cryptocurrencies.

“Millenials love cryptocurrency, and I suspect one day Wall Street will too,”  Payne said. According to the survey, millenials are three times more likely to buy BTC than the X generation.


Transaction fees for BTC transfer are the same, fees for VISA payments increase


The cost of online transactions for Visa cards has increased by the largest percentage in more than ten years, while the cost of BTC transactions has remained relatively stable. Visa’s increased fees are likely to result in higher consumer payments. All transactions require a particular medium, except for simple peer-to-peer cash payments.

Over the past decade, these fees from Visa have remained stable at around $ 1.90. The new rates are $ 1.99. Although this increase does not seem extreme for any single transaction, the price for online shoppers is starting to rise. Each transaction using Visa cards is charged $ 0.10 more, and hundreds of online transactions add up.


Shares of miners manufacturer, Chinese Canaan up 80%


Canaan bitcoin miner producer, which is listed on Nasdaq, registered a stock price rise of more than 80% on Wednesday. Canaan, CAN shares closed at $ 8.04 per share at the end of the trading day. It is an increase of 82.73%. The share price began a daily session of $ 4.42 and reached a maximum of $ 8.69.


Binance opens contracts for an indefinite period for VeChain


On Thursday, February 13, Binance said its Binance Futures futures trading platform, which was launched in September 2019, is adding open-ended contracts for VeChain (VET).


Binance is running out of USDT for long trades


There is a widespread rumor that Binance cryptoexchange is running out of Tether and is unable to meet the demand for its margin trading services. The main traders were confused today when their placed businesses were refused.

BeInCrypto can confirm through private correspondence that one of these major traders has not been able to place BTC / USDT for a long time. A similar situation was reported by analyst Jacob Canfield. He says he can expect this situation to continue for several days.


US authorities have accused man of “laundering” $ 311 million through bitcoins


US citizen Larry Dean Harmon has been charged with alleged money laundering in bitcoins for $ 311 million of darknet transactions. He was arrested by the federal authorities for a conspiracy for money laundering, the operation of unlicensed smugglers and the transfer of unlicensed money.


Forbes has published a list of FinTech TOP50 companies. Six of them are related to blockchain


Forbes Magazine published a list of the top 50 FinTech companies for 2020. It also received six companies that provide services related to blockchain technology. Axon, Chainalysis, Coinbase, Everleder, MakerDao and Ripple have become successful blockchain companies in the TOP50 this year.


Coinbase Pro triggers the lever trading feature


Coinbase Pro, a US stock exchange belonging to Coinbase, has begun to promote leveraged trading. Its select customers can now use a 3X trading margin. The feature has several regional and customer status restrictions.

Leverage on Coinbase Pro can be used by residents of 23 selected states. The 3-fold margin is significantly lower compared to the 100-fold leverage offered by BitMex, or with the 50-fold leverage on the Binance. “We will monitor its use and continually evaluate this function,” Coinbase spokesman said.

Leveraged trading is limited not only by region, but also by its trader activity on the platform. In other words, payments will be made only to those customers who demonstrate regular platform activity. This will give them the skills to trade with margin.



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