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Crypto News of the Day (17.3.) | Binance CEO: I won’t let Bitcoin go to zero • You can buy cryptocurrencies on Google Pay and Apple Pay • and more

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Crypto News of the Day (17.3.) | Binance CEO: I won't let Bitcoin go to zero • You can buy cryptocurrencies on Google Pay and Apple Pay • and more

Here you can find an overview of the most important events that took place during the last day in the cryptoworld.




After the Fed’s intervention yesterday, other central banks began to join, with various incentives for the economy. However, markets do not seem to react in a desirable way and start to grow. Crypto markets have recovered somewhat today, the worst worries about the fall of BTC below 4000 have (at least so far) not met and the price is now holding around 5,300 USD.


You can monitor the current cryptocurrency prices – here.





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Binance CEO: I won’t let Bitcoin fall to zero


Last week, on March 12, the major cryptocurrency Bitcoin suddenly plummeted along with traditional financial markets and the fool-proof safe-haven – gold. Since then, the Bitcoin price has already made a brief visit below $5,000. Many crypto influencers have been sharing their take and predictions. However, no one has yet promised to take any particular action to help keep Bitcoin afloat. The chief executive of Binance, CZ, is the first.

“So long as I have a penny, Bitcoin will not go to zero”


Thumbs up. More details.


Coinbase and other exchanges show the highest volumes of weekly BTC trading ever


Although Bitcoin’s value has halved in about a week, trading activity on Coinbase and other exchanges has spiked significantly. This past week has been especially noteworthy: according to metrics from Bitcoinity, Coinbase has seen a rapid increase in trading activity. Coinbase’s highest daily spike happened on March 13, which was the day after the massive drop on Thursday. Stocks rallied on Friday (March 13), and Coinbase saw 155,000 BTC traded on its platforms. The rise was drastic, as you can see in the chart.


It remains to be seen whether this spike in trading volume will last amid the deepening economic crisis. As of now, we are in bearish territory for stocks and a recession seems right around the corner. Unlike before, this will be a recession caused by depressed demand, which is largely uncharted territory. More details.


Coinbase allows payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as purchases cryptocurrency


Coinbase Card users owning supported Android phones can now avoid using the physical card. Through an integration with Google Pay announced on March 17, the card can be emulated by a mobile phone. The Coinbase Card connects a holder’s cryptocurrency balance on the exchange, which is then used for spending crypto via an instant conversion to fiat. The card can only be issued to residents of the European Union and European Economic Area, as well as the United Kingdom. Once issued, the card can be used anywhere Visa is supported.


Google Pay emulates the physical card for offline purchases by using the device’s NFC chip, and can be used on any terminal enabled for contactless payments. Both smartphones and smartwatches can be used with it, though the requirement of the NFC chip means that some budget-oriented devices may not support Google Pay. More details.


Opera browser enabled in USA to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via Apple Pay and debit cards


Opera’s mobile and desktop browsers are expanding cryptocurrency purchases to U.S. users, as the Norwegian company looks to continue building its Web 3.0 credentials. Through a partnership with Wyre, a U.S.-licensed money transmitter in the cryptocurrency sector, Opera will enable U.S.-based customers to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) directly from the browser’s crypto wallet. Android users can use debit cards, while Apple iOS device users can purchase using Apple Pay.


Purchasing via the mobile browser — branded Opera for Android, or Opera Touch in the Apple App Store — has been open to residents of Sweden, Denmark and Norway for over a year, and an Opera spokesperson noted that the company intends to roll out seamless crypto top-ups in other countries “very soon”. More details.


BAKKT raised $ 300 million from investors in the second round, including Microsoft and Pantera


Crypto derivatives provider Bakkt closed a $300 million Series B fundraising round and shared additional details about its upcoming mobile application in a blog post Monday. According to the post, authored by CEO Mike Blandina, Microsoft’s M12, PayU, Boston Consulting Group, Goldfinch Partners, CMT Digital, Pantera Capital and Bakkt parent firm Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) all participated in the funding round.


Blandina also referenced Bakkt’s acquisition of Bridge2 Solutions, a loyalty services provider first announced in February. Bakkt, which focused on launching bitcoin futures and options contracts with its parent firm ICE over the first year of operations, announced in October it would be targeting a retail clientele with a consumer-focused app. ICE CEO Jeffrey Sprecher said during a February earnings call he saw the acquisition of Bridge2 as potentially opening Bakkt to an asset class worth $1 trillion. More details.

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