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Crypto news of the day (2.1.)| Bitcoin benefits and security & sarcastic prediction

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Cryptocurrencies headed by Bitcoin have been growing again since the beginning of the year and we are interested in what has happened in this segment in the last day.

Crypto news of the day (2.1.)| Bitcoin benefits and security & sarcastic prediction

Bitcoin started 2020 safer than ever

The higher the bitcoin hashrate, the greater the security of the entire network in terms of resistance to the so-called 51% attack. Bitocin started 2020 well in this respect – it set a new record, which means it is currently the safest in history. Click here for details.

Sarcastic forecast for Bitcoin from CEO ZenGO

ZenGo CEO Ouriel Ohayon posted on Twitter his prediction for 2020, which slightly shocked the crypto-community: “Bitcoin will drop below $ 1,000. All hardware wallets will be hacked. Tron and XRP will become the most important cryptocurrencies. Satoshi’s identity will be revealed and will be disappointing. Lightning will enjoy tremendous adoption.”
As it turned out, it was a sarcastic prediction, which apparently needs to be translated exactly the opposite. With these tweets, Ohayon questioned the views of those who predict a significant fall in the Bitcoin price, as well as the success of cryptocurrencies such as XRP and Tron. He also does not think that we will have an early mass adoption of Lightning Network technology and do not believe that we will be able to identify the Bitcoin founder.


Four competitive advantages of Bitcoin over Altcoins in 2020

Bitcoin has a number of advantages over other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in its key features. This was stated during an interview with Euriasia Review by an academic on cryptocurrencies Konrad S. Graf. Click here for more details.

Google has made MetaMask available again. He retreated like YouTube

The end of 2019 was marked by two unexpected news for cryptocurrency fans. First, YouTube began blocking cryptocurrency-related content, interfering with many popular channels with thousands of subscribers, and then Google withdrew support for the popular MetaMask crypto app on Google Play. In both cases, however, it ultimately ended up positive for the cryptocommunity. Click here for details.

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