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Crypto News of the Day (30.1.) | Lee: Bitcoin enters bull market according to TA • Bittrex acquired asset insurance up to USD 300 million • and other news

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Crypto News of the Day (30.1.) | Lee: Bitcoin enters bull market according to TA • Bittrex acquired asset insurance up to USD 300 million • and other news


Here you can find an overview of the most important crypto events in the last 24 hours.



Bitcoin has so far kept the $ 9,300 mark and is now fluctuating slightly around this amount. Some of the top 10 altcoins show slight signs of correction, around 1%, others are growing, but it is not as steep as the previous days. Fear & Greed’s mood is at the same level as yesterday. It looks like markets are waiting. Traditional financial markets are falling slightly today. By tomorrow, Brexit should be finalized.


You can monitor the current cryptocurrency prices – here.




Crypto exchanges / Banks


Regulations, Censorship

  • Google deleted their apk from Google Play without warning


Blockchain / Technology



Tom Lee: According to TA, Bitcoin enters the bull market

Lee tweeted that Bitcoin exceeded the 200-day moving average on January 27, which should be considered a “positive milestone” and reinforces his belief that 2020 should be a “big year” for Bitcoin. Lee explained that whenever Bitcoin’s price exceeds the 200-day moving average, the win-rate (within the next six months) rises to 80%, which means Bitcoin “re-enters” the bull market.



Presidential candidate Young: Regulation does not prevent people from buying Bitcoin

Andrew Young, who is currently running for US President, gave his opinion on the cryptocurrency regulations during an interview with Bloomberg. According to him, the country must provide greater clarity. However, Young believes that legislation or regulation cannot prevent people from buying Bitcoin. adds support for Turkish Lira is the last major platform to join a growing list of direct gateway cryptoplatforms for Turkish Lira. The report states that “Turkish users can now insert, collect and use TRY to purchase bitcoins (BTC), ethers (ETH) and Tethers (USDT) and convert their cryptocurrencies into a fiat currency of their choice.”


Bittrex acquired asset insurance of up to USD 300 million

Bittrex, an American cryptobourse, announced today that it has acquired digital property insurance in its cold storage hardware. In the event of external theft, the agreement will cover a loss of up to $ 300 million. The Bittrex team worked closely with Marsh, a leading insurance broker and risk advisor, to provide coverage from a specialist insurance provider for companies, Lloyd’s syndicate, London.


Google deleted their apk from Google Play without warning

Last week, the Google Play store deleted without warning an app that used a cryptocurrency reward system, which at that time was the top rated bitcoin reward app with nearly 1.4 million users. This move by Google Play follows several more serious actions by Google against crypto-community in the last few weeks, including prominent Metamask and many YouTubers. Many (though not all) of these bans were reversed after the crypto-community publicly protested on social networks.


More than 50% of US authorities were attacked by ransomware

In 2019, more than half of all US public and private organizations were victims of ransomware attacks. Hackers continued to use increasingly advanced techniques to infect machines and encrypt sensitive data that they promised to return to their original state after paying the ransom, often in cryptocurrencies.


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