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Collection of unique 10,000 Crypto Ballies reviving themselves on the Ethereum blockchain

Ready to help children #savethechildren.


Backed by Cryptheory.

Ballies are 1st batch needed for play-to-earn game Ballies vs Springies. Will be a turn-based tactical game in the Worms game style. Will be developed by CryptheoryLabs.

Each ballie can throw snow, stones, sand or mud by hands, but you can use some weapon. Each team can buy a Mole that will carry a certain number of bombs so Ballies can attack from the tunnels underground.

About the Ballies

They look like snowmen, but they are not. They get another chance at life to help make people happy. CryptoBallies are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain.

6373 Common

3152 Rare

75 Legendary

50% SOLD

6 lucky minters will find that an extra Crypto Ballie in their wallet!

100% SOLD

ETH Giveaways begin for holders, with a 3 ETH being up for winning! Each Ballie you own will be one ticket into the giveaway raffles.


  • Mobile game just with Ballies
  • Lets start a new ecosystem with Ballies vs Springies play-to-earn game with minigames and native tokens BALL.
  • BALL airdrop for Ballies NFT holders and other benefits for gaming
  • Staking BALL

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