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Cryptocurrency trading volume increased by 600% in 2019

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Cryptocurrency trading volume increased by 600% in 2019

The CoinGecko Information and Data Platform has published an annual report addressing key technological developments last year. One of the most striking statistics is that BTC trades increased by 600% in 2019.


Increased trade volume

CoinGecko provides data on market limits, trading volume and code development. The annual report for 2019 described in detail the technological development, market economy and psychology and expectations up to this year.


In terms of market trading volume, the market continues to grow. The report also contains several other optimistic indicators such as the adoption of cryptocurrencies or the famous companies that entered the cryptoworld last year.

The total market capitalization of the market increased by 44.1% and gained $ 60 billion during the year, ending the year at $ 180 billion. Trading volume increased by almost 600%.


Cryptocurrency trading volume increased by 600% in 2019


Bitcoin became the most powerful asset in 2019, gaining 95% during the year, although exhibiting volatility ranging from $ 3,500 to $ 13,500. It has become many times more powerful than gold or silver.


Looking at the altcoins, XRP recorded a 45% decline in 2019. The Ethereum cryptocurrency fell by 2% last year, while Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin gained 38%.



Analysts and experts expect 2020 to be very optimistic for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They say this year will become a year of important announcements and developments for the industry.

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